A Brief Description of the Roles and Responsibilities Of a Clients Project Manager Within the Construction Industry

Planning and Design

  • Set out the clear goals and requirements of the client including their objectives and expectations, this will come from the clients briefing meetings
  • Establish the design teams’ activities to meet the design dates, and ensure the clients budget is met where possible
  • Always ensure the client is informed of any design changes or costs
  • Ensure the client signs off any design changes and cost before the team proceed
  • Prepare project schedules as required by the client, the client should be fully aware of the activates of all members of the team.
  • Ensure good communications with the hole team

Project Implementation

  • Direction of individuals is essential to all project’s success, including the whole project team
  • Communications, keeping everyone involved and connected with project information
  • Supervise the progress of the Principle Contractors works and ensuring the client is party to all issues

Project Control

  • Review the quantity of works and progress against the contract programme, this may be every week or in most cases every two weeks every week. Compile a client repot after each visit to the project.
  • The client must be aware of any delays relating to the works, moreover what is being done to mitigate any potential delays
  • Remember the project belongs to all of those involved not just the project manager.
  • It is the responsibility of the project manager to empower all those involved including yourself. All members of the project team should know how valuable their contributions are to the project and its success.

Project Completion and Handover

  • Ensure there are others within your organisation with suitable experience to take over the Project Function
  • A truly successful project is one that completes on time and within budget, plan for the handover, it can be a very difficult time for all.

The clients side project manager will not be successful without the total support of the, client, architects, structural engineers, principle contractor and their specialist design contractors.

Project management is not one single person, a successful project can only be achieved by the project team, were they work well together and meet the demands placed upon them by the time scales of the project.

It must be noted that the above can be used and developed to suit many different industries not just construction. 

Author, Michael D Hempsey

Date; 24 July 2019

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