Contract Law

What is a Contract Approximately 90% or more of the adult population are not aware that they enter into a contract every day, the purchase of fuel, food or clothing. The simple act of handing money over for a pencil or any product is a simple contract. Most people will understand a contract of employment,…Read moreRead more

Practical Completion

No one is truly sure when the use of the phrase Practical Completion had taken place within the construction industry, it is a phrase which is widely known, however, it would seem not widely understood. It would seem the interpolation of the meaning of practical completing is down to the individual at the time of…Read moreRead more

A Brief Description of the Roles and Responsibilities Of a Clients Project Manager Within the Construction Industry

Planning and Design Set out the clear goals and requirements of the client including their objectives and expectations, this will come from the clients briefing meetings Establish the design teams’ activities to meet the design dates, and ensure the clients budget is met where possible Always ensure the client is informed of any design changes or…Read moreRead more

What to do for a Domestic Planning Application

If you are unsure of the type of planning application you require or you are unsure if you require a planning application at all, contact your Local Planning Authority (LPA) there are also many sites on the internet that can give you good information and instruction on how to proceed with the process, however the…Read moreRead more

Why Should We Use Mediation???

Mediation is not truly understood, its benefits when used correctly, the lower costs to both parties and the realistic way to resolve many conflicts within many differing fields. Although it is widely known it is still an under-used method of settling disputes between parties. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a much lesser expensive solution to…Read moreRead more

Dust it Will Become Our Next Big Occupational Problem

The title of this article would make you think that DUST is a new thing and that the effects dust has within our body is also new. Dust has been around for a very long time, however those of us who work in industries where we break, cut, crush and generally move any form of…Read moreRead more